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Change binary log and relay log location to /home? SELinux issue

Recently in my slave server there was a full disk error because of the huge size of binary logs.Which is lead to critical error and BUG report which is still stays as open:

So the issue was a partition problem which in partitioning stage haven’t been specified for “/” (root) filesystem. But in “/home” there were left enough space.
The quick decision was to change binary and relay log location(path) to “/home”.
But there was a great challenge to get real working slave again.

Now we will explore all steps in our test virtual machine.
Test conditions for me:

1. CentOS 6.5 (x86_64) (both master and slave)
2. MySQL 5.6.19 GA (from official yum repo) (both master and slave)

Master my.cnf:

server_id                      = …
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