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Getting my hands dirty on an OpenStack lab

Like you all may know, OpenStack is currently one of the coolest open source projects, so I was thrilled when I was asked to manage the deployment of an OpenStack lab for internal Percona use. Starting from basically zero, I created tasks in our Jira and assigned them to a pool of volunteer consultants. As usual in a service company, billing is the priority so I ended up losing the 2 senior guys but fortunately most of my time was with a customer that wasn’t very demanding and I could easily multitask with the project and fill the gap. So, here it goes…


To deploy the OpenStack lab we were given 8 similar servers in our Durham, N.C. offices. The specs are:

  • CPU: 12 physical cores (24 with HT)
  • Disks: 1 sata 4 TB drive and one 480GB SSD drive
  • Nics: 2x GbE
  • OS: Centos 6

The hardware is recent …

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