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Notes on Compression in the MySQL Protocol

The MySQL Protocol is the network protocol that is used between a MySQL server and a client. This is called the “classic” protocol as there is now a newer protobuf based protocol called X Protocol. However the “classic” protocol is used by many database drivers, applications, etc. and also by MySQL Replication.

The MySQL Protocol has the option to compress network traffic. Most client libraries don’t enable this by default as this increases CPU usage.

Some history

Initially this was added in MySQL 3.22 (based on historical release notes) and was based on zlib.

Then in MySQL 8.0.18 a …

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Decoding (encrypted) MySQL traffic with Wireshark

In a comment on my post about Using SSL with MySQL xiaochong zhang asked if it is possible to decode SSL/TLS encrypted MySQL traffic. The short answer is: It depends.

To test this we need a MySQL server which is SSL enabled. I used MySQL Sandbox to create a sandboxed 5.6.19 server. Then I used mysslgen to create the config and the certificates.

$ make_sandbox 5.6.19
$ ./ --config=sandboxes/msb_5_6_19/my.sandbox.cnf --ssldir=sandboxes/msb_5_6_19/ssl

This assumes there already is a extracted tarball of MySQL 5.6.19 in ~/mysql/5.6.19

The script will return a message with the changes you should make in your mysqld and client sections of the my.sandbox.cnf file. Then restart the server to make …

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