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Setting Up Connector/C and SkySQL C Connector for MySQL and MariaDB

I’m writing a post on how to create your first C/C++ program for MySQL (using Windows, and from the command line). A prerequisite for that is to have a C Connector, such as MySQL Connector/C or SkySQL C Connector, so the program can communicate with mysqld.

I didn’t want that post to be too scattered, so I decided to split it into two, more focused posts. That said, this first post will focus on the Connector, and the next post will actually cover the program itself.

Installing and using Connector/C with MySQL is quite simple, so I wanted to show how easy it is. I also wanted to show examples with both SkySQL C Connector with MariaDB (which also works with MySQL) and Connector/C with MySQL, since both are widely used. I also wanted to show some common errors one might encounter and their resolutions, so hopefully this will help anyone who might have issues …

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