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Resolving sasl/sasl.h Not Found during CMake when Building MySQL on Windows

When building MySQL (5.6 in this case) on Windows, if starting from a new/plain machine, there are some headers/libs/etc. missing that many distributions contain and/or are easy to add.

Resolving some of these, at least for me, have not always been intuitive on Windows. So I’m attempting to tackle them all and post the results to help others with the same issues. (I thought I’d fly through them all, and provide it all in a single post .. [insert laughs here] .. but that’s not gonna happen, so I’ll post them as I go. Might be better in the long run anyway for those searching for specific errors anyway.)

So this one is about the following, during the initial invocation of cmake:

-- Looking for include file sasl/sasl.h
-- Looking for include file sasl/sasl.h - not found

Thus I need to get sasl.h. SASL stands for “Simple Authentication and Security Layer”, which is a method for adding authentication …

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