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Mermaids have the same probability of fixing your permission problems, but people continue believing in the FLUSH PRIVILEGES myth.I see suggesting the usage of FLUSH PRIVILEGES every time someone writes a tutorial or a solution to a problem regarding creating a new account or providing different privileges. For example, the top post on /r/mysql as of the writing of these lines, “MySQL:The user specified as a definer does not exist (error 1449)-Solutions” has multiple guilty cases of this (Update: the user has corrected those lines after I posted this article).

It is not my intention to bash that post, but I have seen …

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MySQL User connections

So I found myself explaining the differences with MySQL users and how they authenticate. First of all this information is not new but can be found here:

I will just show some real world examples to explain this. 
MySQL uses the username as well as the login when it evaluates the permissions of a user. This is why a best practice is to remove the anonymous users.
For this example I will start off with the following users 

MariaDB [(none)]> select user , host from mysql.user; +---------+-----------+ | user    | host      | +---------+-----------+ | root    | | | root    | ::1 …

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