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Postgres replication for MySQL DBA's

Postgres replication for MySQL DBA's Working a with Postgers and MySQL replication I noticed that many MySQL DBA's have hard time grasping Postgres replication and how it works,  you may ask why would you need to know how to setup and use Postgres replication - but lets face it Postgres is becoming ever more popular and many MySQL shops also have Postgres databases. Overall a lot of startups are using a collection of databases  that serve various purposes. I"ll attempt to explain Postgres replication in plain English and use MySQL terms to help adsorb the seemingly complex subject. 
Postgres  "streaming replication" was introduced since Rel. 9.0 of Postgres and is a very useful addition that many of us were waiting for years, personally I strongly believe that the ack of replication kept Postgres from wide adoption unlike MySQL that had the replication from early releases. Replication is a great tool since it …

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