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Dealing with the dreaded “The printer is out of paper” or ERROR_OUT_OF_PAPER Error on Windows ;)

Caution: This is just a fun post.

I was performing some testing on Windows the other day and encountered the following error in the error log:

130313  9:40:03 [ERROR] Error writing file 'G:\mysql\log.txt' (errno: 28)

Quickly, I ran “perror 28″ from the command line:

c:\>perror 28
Win32 error code 28: The printer is out of paper.

Hehe, really, Windows?!?

In fact, the drive was out of space. No more could be written to the general log, hence the error.

Fwiw, the Linux OS code 28 reports what you would expect:

OS error code  28:  No space left on device

So, if you ever run into “The printer is out of paper” error, you’ll know what to do.


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