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MySQL 5.6: Testing innodb_read_only with multiple instances

There are many good things in the upcoming MySQL 5.6 release. One thing that caught my eye early on was the ability to start the server with InnoDB set to a read only mode.

A few months ago Todd Farmer wrote about this ability from the perspective of setting up an instance on read-only media (InnoDB now works with read-only media). And I encourage you to read that post first.
I decided to test this from a data warehouse perspective (as Sunny Bains points out in a comment to Todd's post). I used machines I have available: 1 OL6 desktop running 5.6.9 and 1 MacBook Pro running 10.8.

First thing to try was adding the innodb_read_only parameter to the config file on an instance I already had running on the Linux box. My setting:

user = mysql
port = 5602

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