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Fun with Bugs #47 - On Some Bugs Found Using oprofile

Users had to identify the reasons for MySQL performance problems somehow well before famous Performance Schema appeared in MySQL 5.5.3, and even before Domas invented his Poor Man's Profiler. Poor users had to use some OS-level tools, and among these tools the most important one was, probably, oprofile.

oprofile is a system-wide statistical profiling tool for Linux available since 2001 and 2.4.x kernels. It was applied to MySQL for many …

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gprof data for MySQL client/server

This post aims to provide detailed steps to get gprof data for MySQL client and server.
Compile time options: During compilation option -DENABLE_GPROF=1 is supposed to be set which would make it possible to collect gprof data for mysql cleint/server.
Thing to be keep in mind that this option doesn't have any effect if it is issued -DWITH_DEBUG=1 during compilation. The reason for this is, gprof aims to be enabled only for optimized non-debug linux builds.
Platform: This option works only for linux platform.
Collecting gprof data: Once compilation is done, change directory to place where MySQL is installed (path given in -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIXoption or /usr/local/mysqlby default).
Following are the steps to collect gprof data. Start mysql server on a shell:
$ pwd /home/mayank/mysql-bin
$ ls bin COPYING data docs include INSTALL-BINARY lib man mysql-test README …

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