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A sneak peek inside the Row Based Replication (RBR) in MySQL 5.6

With MySQL 5.6 coming closer to its release, I got a chance to sneak a look into the Row Based Replication (RBR). 5.6 release of MySQL will be a replication features packed one, and it is for this reason I write  another post on the new enhancements in Row Based Replication(RBR). RBR provides a safe way of replicating between master and slave and thats why RBR enhancements become even more important. RBR in 5.6 is far more optimized than what it was before and we hope it will be fun to deploy, maintain and use.
Folowing are some interesting enhancements in RBR in MySQL 5.6 Replication.
1. Optimized row image:Large data transfer between master and slave while using RBR is a thing of past. Why log complete rows on the master? Why not just the changed colums?  The MySQL 5.6 release enables a DBA to configure the master to log …

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