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Oracle Training on Demand – MySQL for Beginners, Day One

Today I took the first day of MySQL for Beginners from Oracle’s Training on Demand offerings.  From the course overview,

“This hands-on class covers the fundamentals of SQL and relational databases, using MySQL[tm] as a teaching tool.  The course is suitable for new or existing users of MySQL who have little or no previous experience with a relational database management system.”

(For more details on this course, and other training offerings and formats, go to .)

Here are some of my opinions and observations:

The class came up very easily for me, no glitches or waiting. (I used Firefox today.  I’ll try IE tomorrow, then others.)

It feels a bit like being in an Oracle University classroom – you watch video of the instructor (Brent Dayley) giving the class.  Brent Dayley is a great …

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