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Dynarr256 for DBACC -or- The death of MAX_ROWS

Back in 2006 we became aware of problems storing large numbers of rows in a single table in cluster. Johan Andersson and Yves Trudeau have each blogged about the problem and the common workaround here and here.  We've since then done some cleanup to provide a more proper "Table is full" error message when running into this problem.

As explained in the referenced blog posts, the problem is the result of a limitation on the size of the hash index of each partition. The hash index for each partition would allow at most ~49 million records. By default an ndbd or ndbmtd node have only 1 local query handler (LQH) block and thus 1 partition per node.  The ndbmtd nodes having MaxNoOfExecutionThreads = 4 or 8 cluster will have 2 or 4 LQH per node respectively. So, the …

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