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Create random test data using real data from your MySql database.

Generate useful test data and random dates in MySql. All code and tables are provided.

Mysql: creating a link to your glossary while fetching text for a webpage

This MySql function will generate a link to your glossary when you are fetching text for a web page. All code is provided in a zip file.

MySql Lorum Ipsum generator

A short MySql function to generate a Lorum Ipsum text. You can download the code in the zip file below.

Howto generate meaningful test data using a MySQL function

You can use this MySQL function to generate names, (e-mail)addresses, phone numbers, urls, bit values, colors, IP address, etc.. As usual, the code is provided in a zip and the code is fully documented.

MySql: cleaning user input before storing the data

This article describes a single MySql function to sanitize strings. The provided options are:

  • replace multiple spaces to a single space
  • remove Unix and Windows linebreaks and replace them with a space
  • remove tabs and replace them for a single space
  • remove multiple backslashes
  • completely remove htmlentities (&)
  • replace htmlentities with the corresponding character
  • remove all HTML tags
Manage hierarchical data with MySQL stored procedures

Below you will find all code to create the table and the stored procedures to manage hierarchical trees in MySQL. All code is documented and can be downloaded in a zip file.

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