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MySQL 5.0.96 is Now Available (for 5.0 Users)

This is just a post to let you 5.0 users know that 5.0.96 is now available.

You may have read about some of the security bugs fixed in the recent 5.0.95, and now 5.0.96 is available (it’s been nearly 9 months since 5.0.94 was released – so this is quite a lot of activity as far as 5.0 is concerned).

So if for some reason you’re still running MySQL 5.0, you should at least upgrade to the latest 5.0.96.

The upgrade process should be smooth and simple if you’re already running 5.0 (just be safe and backup your data first though).

You can download 5.0.96 from here:

And if you’re interested in the 5.0 changelogs, I have direct links to them here (just look for MySQL 5.0):

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