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pipe viewer – monitoring / limit the throughput of a pipe

Pipe viewer is a command line tool which is used to monitor the throughput, display the estimated time of completion or to limit the transfer rate of a pipe (pipeline).

Install pipe viewer on Debian / Ubuntu with the following command.

apt-get install pv

On CentOS / Fedora / RedHat use the yum command to install pipe viewer

yum install pv

To use pipe viewer just insert the pv command between two processes to monitor the throughput of the pipe.

cat logfile.log.1 | pv | gzip -9 > logfile.log.1.gz
9,18MB 0:00:01 [ 9,1MB/s] [   <=>

Or limit the transfer rate of the pipe to a designated number of bytes.

cat logfile.log.1 | pv --rate-limit 100 | gzip -9 > logfile.log.1.gz
 300B 0:00:03 [ 101B/s ] [         <=>                                    ]

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