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Reference Architecture(s) for High Availability Solutions in Geographic Distributed Scenarios: Why Should I Care?

High Availability Solutions.

In this series of blog posts, I’m going to look at some high availability reference architecture solutions over geographically distributed areas.

The Problem

Nowadays, when businesses plan a new service or application, it is very common for them to worry about ensuring a very high level of availability. 

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about an online shop, online banking or the internal services of a large organization. We know users are going to expect access to services 24x7x365. They also expect to access data consistently and instantaneously. If we fail to meet their expectations, then they move to another provider and we lose money. Simple as that.

The other important aspect of providing online …

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Webinar Wednesday June 29: Percona XtraDB Cluster Reference Architecture

Please join Jay Janssen for the webinar Percona XtraDB Cluster Reference Architecture Wednesday, June 29 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC- 7).

A reference architecture shows a typical, common, best-practice deployment of a system with all the surrounding infrastructure. In the case of database clusters, this can include the hosting platform, load balancing, monitoring, backups, etc.

Percona published a commonly referred to Percona XtraDB Cluster reference architecture on the Percona blog in 2012 (which is included in the current manual). However, this architecture is out of date.

This talk will present a revised and updated Percona XtraDB Cluster reference architecture for 2016, …

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Still blogging after all these years

Or, better say, I have not blogged for so long…

What happened? Well, it has been a crazy year, probably the busiest year in my whole working life. When you are in your late twenties/early thirties, you can dedicate all your energy to something, work, hobby, charity, sport, study, you name it. You work hard, and every now and then you have time to lie down and recharge your batteries. In one or two days, if you can sleep 9/10 hours per day, all the tiredness you have accumulated goes away. I have felt that feeling, but in your late forties, there is no such thing anymore.
When you are forty and you have a family, your priorities change. You try to accommodate work, family and friends. You remove most, if not all, …

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