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Proxy Trace Revisited with MySQL Proxy 0.8.2

Back in January 2010, I wrote an article titled Proxy Trace : Tracing the Variables and Functions Available within MySQL Proxy.

That post was basically a lua script I posted which traces the steps of Proxy, outputting comments as it traverses through the various functions, and then outputs the names and values of [most of] the available variables available within Proxy.

That script worked fine with Proxy 0.7.2 and 0.8.0. It also works just fine with Proxy 0.8.1 (though you need to specify your admin settings in 0.8.1) and 0.8.2 (admin values not necessary).

However, I did go ahead and build it out a little further.

I did not add too much, but I did add the following (the full script, trace.lua, is provided at the end of this post):

  • Outputs backends.type variable
  • Expanded the rows returned outputs (returns more detailed row …
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