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Dennis Ritchie, the creator of C, dies at 70..

When I first got in touch with C it was in the early 1980's. I was a sysadmin at a Swedish telco operator (then THE Swedish Telco operator, Televerket, nowadays called Telia) for a system used for software development for a PABX system called A345 in Sweden, better known as Meridian in the rest of the world (co-developed by Televrket and Nortel). The Meridian system was the biggest of the non-custom built PABXes in those days. The language used to program it was called SL-1 (Switching Language 1) and the development system, like editors (vi / ined), compilers etc was running on a Unix system.

This sure was one of the earliest commercial uses for Unix, the Unix variant was version 6 and was not a BSD or anything like that, this was way before BSD really. Rather, the system was built by Interactive Systems which was the first commercial Unix vendor. This was version Interactive 2.5, based on Unix version 6, mind you. sh and csh only, no …

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