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Xtrabackup and MySQL 5.6 on Amazon instance

Have you ever tried to install Xtrabackup on Amazon EC2 instance with Oracle’s MySQL 5.6? Dependencies hell strikes when you ask pretty common and reasonable thing – run the GA version of MySQL and backup it with the most popular open-source tool – XtraBackup. From this post you will learn how to resolve the conflicts and make everybody happy.

mysql55-libs conflicts with mysql-community-libs-5.6.22

A fresh Amazon Linux AMI, 2014.09 EC2 instance comes with MySQL 5.5.40 in amzn-updates repository. Today MySQL 5.5 turns five years old. It’s a good and stable version. But many people want to run MySQL 5.6, because it’s better than 5.5, it supports full-text indexes and Oracle ends support of 5.5 this year.

Oracle distributes MySQL releases via YUM repository. Installing MySQL from the YUM repository is a good idea because YUM takes care of …

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Installing perl-DBD-MySQL and Dealing with Dependency Issues on Linux

The other day, I just posted an article about setting up Perl on Windows for MySQL.

However, I just ran into an interesting Perl issue on Linux, and it was one slightly out of the ordinary, so I wanted to share the solution, as one might not find this one quickly otherwise.

The problem occured when trying to install the perl-DBD-MySQL module on a linux (CentOS) server, due to a dependency issue.

Most dependency issues are a little more straight-forward, but this one is what I’d almost call a ‘reverse’ dependency issue.

Here was the command:

shell$ yum install perl-DBD-MySQL

Here was the output/error:

Loaded plugins: dellsysid, fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package perl-DBD-MySQL.x86_64 0:3.0007-2.el5 set to …
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