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Hack MySQL status update

I haven’t posted any update in 2 months not because I haven’t been doing anything but rather the opposite: I have been exceptionally busy. As Baron has noted, I work with Percona doing the maintenance and development for Maatkit, of which release 2325 was just published. Consequently, I haven’t been working on my own scripts, though hopefully that will change, and in some ways it must. Here’s what I have in mind for my own scripts:

mysqlsla: I’m going to create a hybrid between this and mk-log-parser. Whereas mysqlsla does some things that mk-log-parser doesn’t, mk-log-parser has a better, more maintainable code base. Furthermore, I’m currently working on other log handling code which will affect some future plans I had for …

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Checking MySQL databases/tables for unused indexes: mysqlidxchk

Peter Zaitsev was kind enough to share with me an idea for a script which I have now finished. mysqlidxchk checks MySQL databases/tables for unused indexes. Version 1.0 with documentation and guide is available for download: mysqlidxchk v1.0 (Linux or Windows).

Please report any bugs or problems you experience.

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