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Cool Percona Tools

Part of my job at Percona is to perform customer audits.  I’ve had fun the last week getting up to speed on some of the great tools in the Percona Toolkit.  I’m sure people have talked about these before, but to be honest, I always found it hard to take the time to learn new tools, and at my previous job there were often a lot of tools in-house that made it easier to avoid learning something new.  The great thing about the Percona tools is that they aren’t environment dependent (as much as is possible), they typically only require Perl to run.

So, with that being said, I wanted to just go through a few of the tools I learned about this last week that I found useful.


The collect script collects information.  A lot of information.  I ran it for 10 minutes on a customer’s server and …

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MyQ Gadgets github repository

MyQ Gadgets github repository:

I’ve moved my oldish myq_gadgets set of perl scripts to github to allow people to have more access to it and possibly improve it.  If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s no maatkit, but hopefully some folks find it useful.  Think iostat for mysql.

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