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BIRT Road Shows

BIRT is a wonderful Business Intelligence tool that lets MySQL DBAs generate smart looking reports from from their databases. Currently they have a North American Road Show crossing the continent that provides a FREE day of training.

If you are near Tampa, Oakland, Indianapolis, Dallas, Toronto, Princeton, Minneapolis, Arlington, Chicago or Carlsbad then you should look into attending one of these classes. Some of the in-class exercises involve getting data from a sample MySQL database. I highly recommend that you attend.

Open Source BI Tools and MySQL — three chances to hear presntation

Your boss wanted a quick report from your database but you failed to impress with a text file filled with the output of a ‘SELECT … FROM …’? Then you need to attend one of the following talks. From good looking ad hoc reports or detailed multi-segment reports, there are many BI tools that will make your data look sharper in a printer report, web page, or in a dashboard.

I will speaking three times in April on using Open Source BI Tools (JasperForge, BIRT, Pentaho, etc.) with MySQL. This is a short, faced paced presentation on the subject followed by lots of demos.

Dallas Oracle Users Group, MySQL SIG Free but RSVP Please
Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 4:30 PM in Oracle Office, Frisco Texas, 7460 Warren Parkway Suite 300
Frisco, TX 75034

O’Reilly MySQL Conference

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