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Blue Gecko at the 2011 MySQL Conference

Hello to those of you who are in Santa Clara!  Patrick Galbraith and I will be here this week, speaking and glad handing.  You can find us both in the Attendee Directory and identify either or both of us as someone you’d like to meet.

Patrick’s Sessions are:

5:15pm Wednesday – Perl programming with MySQL and Drizzle
11:55am Thursday – Narada: using Gearman, Sphinx, Memcached, Drizzle and PHP to build a search application

I’ll be speaking in Wednesday night’s Ignite MySQLconf and at:

10:50am Thursday – …

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OurSQL update and recording day!

The OurSQL podcasts will eventually make it into the Blue Gecko blog.  But, in the mean time, I’d like to summarize what Sheeri Cabral and I have been getting up to.  As I mentioned in the OurSQL revival post we are working to bring you a podcast every week about something technical or community related.  Since mid-December, we’ve recorded and published eight podcasts.

OurSQL Episode 26: Zombies!

MySQL 5.5 release and our favorite updates to our favorite database

OurSQL Episode 27: To SQL or No[tto]SQL, …

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