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Oh dear MySQL slave, where did you put those rows?

I need help from my fellow mysql users.  I know some of the people who read this are alot better then me with mysql so hopefully you can help

So today we decided that we are going to migrate one of our master database servers to new hardware.  Since we got the hardware this morning and we wanted to move on to it asap, we decided that we will take our slave down, copy data from it, and bring it up on future master server.  At that point, we will let it run as slave to the current master server until its time for us to take it down.  Reason we did that instead of mysqldump/import was to avoid the lag mysqldump creates on our server.

After we did all this and put up the new master server, we started to notice odd issues.  After looking around and comparing old db with new, we found out that new db was missing data.  How it happened is beyond me and is the reason why I am writing this.  …

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MySQL database backup file compression: gzip vs bzip2

In one of my previous posts: MySQL backups, I talked about using a script for automating backups. I show that we can use gzip to compress backup file to compress and save. Since then, our backup file has been growing meg or two a day which is causing our backup files to get [...]

Linux time - Daylight saving time (DST)

Its that time of the year again when time changes and we have to make sure our servers are using the right zone with right time. Out of many servers I admin, I found 3 servers which had wrong time displaying. All of them had one thing in common, Fedora Core 4. So I fixed it by doing the folowing.

mv /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.old

ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/PST8PDT /etc/localtime

Oven which can do things for you if you send it email or call it!

I was browsing the web today and stumbled upon this. This oven line is great! but come to think of it, how many people can afford to buy this $7k+ gadget (see this MSN coverage). Even if they could buy it, how many will actually would call their oven or email their oven and tell it to cook? I do have to say its a great concept and honestly if I was a millionaire who could afford to buy cool gadgets, I wouldn’t mind getting one of these. Heck, if I owned a house here in LA, it would be something I would consider putting in my kitchen. It would be interesting to see what happens in next few years when gadgets like these might become normal appliances you get for your high end kitchen. Just like how everybody loves to get stainless steel appliances right now for …

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Windows Vista Ultimate installation (update 1)

While looking through my new Vista, I found out that my cpu is 64bit capable! I was like.. OMFG hell yeah! I whipped out the 64bit Vista DVD and nuked all my hard work of setting up software without even giving it a second thought… About 20 mins later, I was back in my new found love, except this time I dove right into installing software. One by one, I get basic stuff installed in following order:

  1. daemon tools (went out and got the upgraded vista version) no problems
  2. Microsoft Office 2007 ultimate, uh.. thank god no problems there
  3. McAfee VirusScan, ofcourse problems.. knew that from 32 bit version but what the hell.. was worth a try
  4. Trillian - another no problem
  5. VMWare Server………………………………………….PROBLEMS! Sigh.. they don’t support 64bit Vista. Who would’ve known? They support installing 64bit version as virtual machines but then why they don’t …
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Google mini blues - 406 ownage!

We used to use Google mini to index our site to serve search results to our users. It worked great for a while until sometime back it just stopped indexing. It would get a fatal error and stop index after couple urls. It was also not so kind about sending me an email to let me know that it has stopped indexing. It was still serving pages which were indexed prior to this so we didn?t realize it wasn?t indexing new content.

And than one day we logged in to the admin console to see whats going on with it and found out it wasn?t indexing. I checked the logs and found out that it was stopping due too too many 4xx errors. After looking at logs on our web server I found out that it was stopping because Apache was giving back 406 response code which is described at as:

The resource identified by the request is only capable of generating response entities which have content characteristics not acceptable according to the accept …

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Can I get your name?

So I go to my favorite coffee place, Starbucks, pretty much every day. I always get the same thing which recent has been: tall vanilla latte, %, no foam. And they always ask me for my name which I always respond by saying: Sunny. Most of the time, not all, they get my name wrong. I don’t understand why is it so hard for people to write down Sunny. I am ok even if they just write Sonny, which is the most common misspelling of my name, but Starbucks staff always find creative ways of spelling “Sunny”.

I have seen following names.. and I am not kidding or making up any of them. All the people who go with me to Starbucks know this! Here is the list I have so far: Sunny, Sonny, Suni, Sunee, Suuniee, Suney, Suny and the one I have in front of me which made me blog this, Sunni.

So if any Starbucks staff reading this, could you explain to me how come you guys are so bad with spelling names? Is quality of hiring staff is so low that …

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