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Two Random Asterisk-Related SQL Queries

I hate losing useful SQL queries, so I tend to save them. Ever so often, I stumble across a file of queries from some work I was doing months ago. The following two queries are just such a case. I was analyzing some call data for a call center that uses Asterisk. I set up a temporary database for this, so I can't even run them again. Still, it's nice to save them away for a rainy day.

Call Center Call Volume by Day of Week and Hour

SET @tz = 'EST5EDT';
  DAYNAME(CONVERT_TZ(start, 'GMT', @tz)) AS "Weekday",
  HOUR(CONVERT_TZ(start, 'GMT', @tz)) AS "Hour",
  AVG(duration), AVG(billsec) 
  FROM cdr 
    WHERE dcontext IN ('Queue1', 'Queue2', 'Queue3', 'Queue4')
      AND duration > 60
    GROUP BY Weekday, Hour
    ORDER BY WEEKDAY(CONVERT_TZ(start, 'GMT', @tz)), Hour 

I was trying to figure out …

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