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Memcached and MySQL tutorial

Memcached by Brian Aker, Alan Kasindorf (dormando). Here are some quick, somewhat sparse notes. Follow the slides, it will help.


Memcached was actually created for LiveJournal. It has evolved a bit over time. Chaos to user based clustering, and then Brad implemented memcached. LiveJournal has about 30GB of cache available between 8-12 machines. The DB reads were down like 10x the moment they started using memcached (its much better now).

Its not only for simple objects (not just a single row)- you can use it for complex queries, and the result can be stored in memcached., Patrick Lenz, is also the guy. He put memcached on the same machine as the MySQL database server (he has 32-bit machines, and MySQL can only use a certain amount of RAM, so the rest was …

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Keeping track of all the web resources at the MySQL Conference

During this week, expect there to be a flood of posts on Planet MySQL. If you’re using an offline RSS reader, you might not even get all the RSS feeds (might I suggest something like Google Reader?). If you want to be informed as and when something hits Planet MySQL (say, on your mobile phone or via IM), there’s a Twitter feed available - Planet MySQL on Twitter!

Also, on the wiki, I’m trying to keep track of all blog posts (notes) from the conference. Please do help, if something slips to the cracks. Its organised by day, and and by talk topic. All slides will obviously make it to the conference page after the conference is over, so there will be further linking a little later…

If you’re hip and have a Facebook account, do become a member of the …

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Tips for the Singapore Airport

So, I’m leaving on a jet plane, to head to the MySQL Conference & Expo 2008. Normally, this is a flight I make via Auckland or Sydney, but this time its via Singapore.

Singapore is a hub in Asia, so let me share a few tips:

  • The airport is huge. Terminal 3 reminds me of being in one of Heathrow’s terminals. Leave plenty of time to walk from gate to gate (up to 20 minutes).
  • US flights probably always leave from Terminal 3, around gates A16-A20. The gates are speculation, mainly because of the extra security available out there. (A18, for Los Angeles, A16 for San Francisco, I’m pretty sure I’m right).
  • Within A16-A20, you’ll not notice any power sockets available for your laptop. Clearly, very negative for the business traveller.
  • You can get free wireless, via the Wireless@SG access point. Just get your mobile phone to roam to …
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I am Sun

I’ve been seriously swamped in these last few weeks. Relocating (from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur) has been interesting. Not to mention that all the work that’s still around…

I should mention that I am now Sun, having signed all paperwork a few weeks back. It just dawned on me when I picked up my ID card today from the Sun KL offices. No email address yet, but our addresses will continue to work (they’re on my business cards).

Which brings me to the fact that I am also sporting new business cards (no direct-line number, yet - still waiting on its creation), and they have an interesting logo on the back!

MySQL/Sun logo At the conference, if folk are still giving out “older” MySQL cards, keep them - they’re collector’s items now. Me? I’ll be bringing my new ones ;)

Technorati Tags: sun, …

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A slice of Wednesday - 5 must-see talks

A session at the MySQL Conference 2008 that I’d have loved to attend, would have been the Adopting and Adapting OSS at Shinsei Bank. As a case study, Shinsei Bank in Japan is a great MySQL customer and use case - they’re a bank. A pretty large bank…

Sadly, the session has been cancelled. Never fear, because at 4.25pm on Wednesday, the 16th of April 2008, there are seven other great sessions.

If you’re interested in web security, then look no further than Eli White’s talk titled Help, My Website Has Been Hacked! Now What? Eli works at Digg, and might have some invaluable practical advice for you.

If you’re more the systems administrator, you …

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Batched Key Access Join Previews available

If you haven’t already signed up to attend the MySQL Conference & Expo 2008, you know you’re clearly missing out. Most tutorials in the conference have sold out, so I suggest getting to it as soon as possible. Remember, that all speakers have access to a 20% discount code, so email me if you’d like one.

Igor Babaev, is speaking on Wednesday, 16/04/2008, at 2pm, on Batched Key Access: a Significant Speed-up for Join Queries. To whet your appetite, there are also Batched Key Access Software Previews available now!

So what is Batched Key Access (BKA)? Its a new advanced technique to execute queries with multi-way join operations. The idea behind it is to accumulate several keys in a buffer, …

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