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Sessions of interest at the Percona Performance Conference

Having written about what I think is cool about the upcoming MySQL Conference and the MySQL Camp, now I want to finish up with what I’d like to see at the Percona Performance Conference. Just to recap, this is a conference we created to serve those who want to learn about performance — not “learn about MySQL,” not “learn about database performance,” just learn about performance, period.

I want to see everything. I think this is going to be the single best conference I’ve ever been to. Even the way the conference is organized is exciting. For example, it’s running from early morning till late at night, nonstop. The sessions are also (mostly) only 25 minutes. This means if you decide a session isn’t all that interesting, you didn’t spend much time on it, and you don’t have long to wait for the next one.

So here is a small sample of the …

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Rewriting Highbase in Erlang

Why? Highbase is currently comprised of several shell scripts  and some C code. It’s actually a good project (talk about self promotion) that hasn’t reached a stable release yet just because It hasn’t been tested enough in production environments I’ve been amazingly busy during the last years. Lots of work, and lots of parenting in … Continue reading Rewriting Highbase in Erlang →

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My Adventures With Erlang Have Come to an End

After trying very hard to install the Yaws webserver for Erlang on windows, asking 2 friends of mine to try to install it and pleading with the original creator to make an installer, I have given up.

So my very short lived relationship with Erlang has come to an end also. I am just too busy to sit down and learn how to install a program that seems too complicated to me before I even start programming in it.

I hope one day, Yaws will use an installer like Bitrock. Until then, I will spend my time either improving the languages I know or learning new ones that seem cool and not that complicated to get into.

BitRock Lamp Installer

I was complaining in an earlier post that I have problems with linux style installation.
I found a company that can help me solve that!
BitRock makes open source software easier to use by providing a complete automated solution for Open Source Application Deployment.
Its quite cool and they have a LAMP stack installer here.

Now I am suggesting that someone at Erlang does it too. They have a Lyme stack which is Linux + Yaws + Mnesia + Erlang. (a …

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