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Rewriting Highbase in Erlang

Why? Highbase is currently comprised of several shell scripts  and some C code. It’s actually a good project (talk about self promotion) that hasn’t reached a stable release yet just because It hasn’t been tested enough in production environments I’ve been amazingly busy during the last years. Lots of work, and lots of parenting in … Continue reading Rewriting Highbase in Erlang →

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My Adventures With Erlang Have Come to an End

After trying very hard to install the Yaws webserver for Erlang on windows, asking 2 friends of mine to try to install it and pleading with the original creator to make an installer, I have given up.

So my very short lived relationship with Erlang has come to an end also. I am just too busy to sit down and learn how to install a program that seems too complicated to me before I even start programming in it.

I hope one day, Yaws will use an installer like Bitrock. Until then, I will spend my time either improving the languages I know or learning new ones that seem cool and not that complicated to get into.

BitRock Lamp Installer

I was complaining in an earlier post that I have problems with linux style installation.
I found a company that can help me solve that!
BitRock makes open source software easier to use by providing a complete automated solution for Open Source Application Deployment.
Its quite cool and they have a LAMP stack installer here.

Now I am suggesting that someone at Erlang does it too. They have a Lyme stack which is Linux + Yaws + Mnesia + Erlang. (a …

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