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Group Replication — an Overview

Within the MySQL team, we’re extremely excited about Group Replication! More and more of our users are also starting to become aware of this exciting feature–which offers native (virtually) synchronous replication with support for multi-master or active/active update-anywhere replication clusters. Our developers and users alike are eager to see easy, native HA come to MySQL!…

Good Leaders are game changers: Raft & Paxos


Consensus is a key component to providing fault-tolerant services such as synchronously replicated data stores, non-blocking atomic commitment and Paxos and Raft are among the most popular consensus algorithms. Paxos has been widely studied by researchers while Raft has become very popular among engineers.…

Increasing MySQL Fabric Resilience to Failures: Meet the Multi-Node Fabric


Redundancy is key to providing resilience to failures, and in Fabric 1.6.2 (now available on MySQL Labs), we have introduced the possibility to start multiple MySQL Fabric instances that are kept consistent through a replicated state machine.

The state machine replication guarantees that all machines (i.e.…

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