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The InnoDB Quick Reference Guide is now available
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I’m pleased to announce that my first book, the InnoDB Quick Reference Guide, is now available from Packt Publishing and you can download it by clicking here. It covers the most common topics of InnoDB usage in the enterprise, including: general overview of its use and benefits, detailed explanation of seventeen static variables and seven dynamic variables, load testing methodology, maintenance and monitoring, as well as troubleshooting and useful analytics …

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How do I identify the MySQL my.cnf file?
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As part of my upcoming FREE my.cnf check advice I first need to ask people to provide the current MySQL configuration file commonly found as a file named my.cnf

If only that question was easy to answer!

Use of configuration files

MySQL will by default use at least one configuration file from the following defaults. MySQL also uses a cascade approach for configuration files. When you have multiple files in the appropriate paths you can see unexpected behavior when you override certain values in different files. …

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Free advice on your my.cnf
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Today, while on IRC in #pentaho I came across a discussion and a published my.cnf. In this configuration I found some grossly incorrect values for per session buffers (see below).

It doesn’t take a MySQL expert to spot the issues, however there is plenty of bad information available on the Internet and developers not knowing MySQL well can easily be mislead. This has spurred me to create a program to rid the world of bad MySQL configuration. While my task is potential infinite, it will enable me to give back and hopefully do a small amount of good. You never know, saving those CPU cycles may save energy and help the planet.

Stay tuned for …

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How to retain comments in MySQL statements
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There is a lot of buzz lately around retaining comments in MySQL’s logs and MySQL Stored procedures (Routines). When analyzing a MySQL query, it’s nice to have a comment inside the query (or procedure) that can provide us with more info about the query. For example, When analyzing MySQL’s logs (like Slow Query Log or […]

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