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Slow query graphs using Performance Schema and Graphite
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I love graphs. They just make things easier when it comes to finding patterns. I also love visibility. Having the ability to known what is going on inside the database is priceless. How about having visibility of the slow queries execution time on a graph? Let’s do it.

We’ve already described how to get query digest using performance schema. Since the MySQL server is already doing the heavy lifting for you with little-to-no overhead, this information is available practically at will. So let’s make some …

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Measure the impact of MySQL configuration changes with Percona Cloud Tools
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When you make a change to your MySQL configuration in production it would be great to know the impact (a “before and after” type of picture). Some changes are obvious. For many variables proper values can be determined beforehand, i.e. innodb_buffer_pool_size or innodb_log_file_size. However, there is 1 configuration variable which is much less obvious for many people working …

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What a difference Atomics can make
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Following up to my previous blog on graphing statement execution in performance_schema, Sunny Bains on the InnoDB team pointed out that in looking at the INSERT graph, he didn’t think I had atomic operations enabled within my build.

Particularly here (from trunk):

225 …
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A Big Bag of Epic Awesomeness
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I tried to come up with a number of topics for this post, but none seemed to really convey what I really feel.. And really this blog is about all of them..

  • Graphing MySQL Statement Execution
  • Tracing Sessions with PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA

If that doesn’t whet your appetite (and trust me, I need to, this post is long, but I feel is worth reading …

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Generating Google line charts with SQL, part II
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This post continues Generating Google line charts with SQL, part I, in pursue of generating time series based image charts.

We ended last post with the following chart:

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Generating Google line charts with SQL, part I
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In this series of posts I wish to show how Google Charts can be generated via SQL. We discuss the Google Charts limitations which must be challenged, and work towards a simple chart.

I’m going to present the algorithm I use in mycheckpoint, a MySQL monitoring utility, which generates Google charts by raw data using views. An example of such chart follows:

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mycheckpoint (rev. 170): improved custom queries; local charting; page/swap I/O monitoring; improved HTML reports
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Revision 170 of mycheckpoint, a MySQL monitoring solution, has been released. New and updated in this revision:

  • Improved custom queries: lifting of limitations from previous, introductory revision; better HTML presentation
  • Local, inline charting: no rendering of Google Charts, unless explicitly requested. All charts are now rendered locally using JavaScript. No data is now sent over the network.
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mycheckpoint (rev. 132): custom monitoring, custom charts, process list dump
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Revision 132 of mycheckpoint has been released. New and updated in this revision:

  • Custom monitoring: monitoring & charting for user defined queries
  • HTML reports for custom monitoring
  • Process list dump upon alert notifications

Custom monitoring & charts

Custom monitoring allows the user to supply with a query, the results of which will be monitored.

That is, mycheckpoint monitors the status variables, replication status, OS metrics. But it …

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Kontrollbase – graph “no data to display” on new install has been fixed
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If you have been wondering why the overview and graphs pages say “no data to display” on the graphs when you first install Kontrollbase, it’s because there’s no data in the database being returned from the queries that generate the graphs – this is because a new install has no data to graph. This has […]

Static charts vs. interactive charts
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I’m having my usual fun with charts. Working on mycheckpoint, I’ve generated monitoring charts using the Google Chars API. But I’ve also had chance to experiment and deploy interactive charts, JavaScript based. In particular, I used and tweaked dygraphs.

I’d like to note some differences in using charts of both kinds. And I think it makes a very big difference.

Static charts

I’ll call any image-based chart …

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