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Inexpensive SSDs for Database Workloads
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The cost of SSDs has been dropping rapidly, and at the time of this writing, 2.5-drives have reached the 1TB capacity mark.  You can actually get inexpensive drives for as little as 60 cents per GB. Even inexpensive SSDs can perform tens of thousands of IOPs and come with 1.5M – 2M hous MTBF and a 5-year warranty: check out the Intel SC S3500 specs as an example. There is however one important factor you need to take into account when considering  SSDs as opposed to conventional hard drives – Write Endurance.

Many of us have heard about SSDs having limits in terms of how many writes SSDs can handle, many however assume this is what is already

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SQL Server Data Services - Invitation to attend the event
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After Microsoft released its beta version of “SQL Server Data Services“; I was more interested to know what kind of considerations were taken care in the design and architecture of SSDS in order to get performance, distribution of data and scalability as it is developed on top of SQL Server.

To my surprise, I noticed Microsoft is conducting the live event to answer some of these questions by following up Ryan Dunn blog; Today I also got the confirmation to attend the event and I look forward to get some of my general questions answered.

It will be interesting to see the pricing model of SSDS in the coming days, and might even attract if they make it FREE for initial customers and/or by

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