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There is a story….
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I have a friend who is fond of telling a story from way back in November 2008 at the OpenSQL camp in Charlottesville, Virgina. This was relatively shortly after we had announced to the public that we’d started something called Drizzle (we did that at OSCON) and was even closer to the date I started working on Drizzle full time (which was November 1st). Compared to what it is now, the Drizzle code base was in its infancy. One of the things we hadn’t yet sorted out was the rewrite of the replication code.

So, I had my laptop plugged into a projector, and somebody suggested opening up some random source file… so I did. It was a bit of the replication code that we’d inherited from MySQL.

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Joining Percona
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As you may have read on the MySQL Performance Blog post – I’ve recently joined Percona. This is a fairly exciting next step. I’ll be in New York for Percona Live next week, where I’ll be giving a session titled “Drizzle 7, GA and Supported: Current & Future Features”.

I’ll write more soon, there’s a lot keeping me busy already!

Rackspace Rookie-O (in Hong Kong!)
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I’d meant to finish writing this way back in July… but I failed at that. Now is a good time to talk about Rookie-O as my again new colleague Andrew Hutchings (Buy his and Sergei’s book on MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development!) just went through the same thing (but in London instead of Hong Kong) given by the same trainer (Hi Eddie!).

Rackspace is the second employer I’ve had that has some kind of new hire training (the first being Sun). I am, of course, not quite counting Salmiakki as new-hire training for MySQL (although I probably should). To quote from the

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I’m at OSCON this week. Come say hi and talk Drizzle, Rackspace, cloud, photography, vegan food or brewing.

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Continuing the journey
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A couple of months ago (December 1st for those playing along at home) it marked five years to the day that I started at MySQL AB (http://www.mysql.com) (now Sun, now Oracle). A good part of me is really surprised it was for that long and other parts surprised it wasn’t longer. Through MySQL and Sun, I met some pretty amazing people, worked with some really smart ones and formed really solid and awesome friendships. Of course, not everything was perfect (sometimes not even close), but we did have some fun.

Up until November 2008 (that’s 3 years and 11 months for those playing at home) I worked on MySQL Cluster (http://www.mysql.com/cluster). Still love the product and love how much better we’re making Drizzle so it’ll be the best SQL interface to NDB :)

The ideas behind Drizzle

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linux.conf.au 2009 wrap-up (incl Open Source Databases Mini-conf): Day 0-1
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It’s no secret that I love linux.conf.au. My first was linux.conf.au 2003, in Perth and I’ve been to every one since (there are at least two people who’ve been to every single one, including CALU as it was called in 1999).

I’ve been on the board of Linux Australia for some insane proportion of the years since then (joining in 2003). Linux Australia is the not-for-profit community organisation that puts on linux.conf.au. It’s all volunteers and amazingly enough we have more than one group of people wanting to put on linux.conf.au each year!

This year, we Marched South to

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Technology predictions
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In 2 years (ish):

  • the majority of consumer bought machines (which will be laptops) will have SSD and not rotational media
  • At the same time, servers with larger storage requirements will use disk as we once used tape.
  • At least one Linux distributoin will be shipping with btrfs as default
  • OpenSolaris will be looking interesting and not annoying to try out (a lot more “just work” and easy to get going).
  • Unless Sun puts ZFS under a GPL compatible license so it can make it into the Linux kernel, it will become nothing more than a Solaris oddity as other file systems will have caught up (and possibly surpassed).
  • There will be somebody developing a a MySQL compatible release based off Drizzle
  • Somebody will have ported Drizzle back to Microsoft Windows… possibly Microsoft.
  • X will still be used for
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Use MySQL, get elected President of the United States
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Jonathan puts it in slighty different words, and doesn’t gaurantee The White House to everybody.

I do wonder when we’ll get a Drizzle or NDB using president though….

Singing in the Rain
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The past 3 years, 11 months I have worked full time on NDB (MySQL Cluster). It’s been awesome. Love the product and people. In the time I’ve been on the Cluster team, we’ve gone from a small group that would easily fit in the (old old) Stockholm office to one that requires large rooms to house us all in. It’s also been all about smart people (you have to be to work on a distributed database).

With MySQL Cluster 6.4 we’re getting in a bunch of features that have been on the “wide adoption” wishlist. With each release of NDB we’ve gained a wedge of applications that can be used with it - and 6.4 is no exception.

One of the biggest things that’s been worked on is multithreaded data nodes. If you check out Jonas‘ recent posts on

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Solaris, Linux, it is GNU folks?
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Brian “Krow” Aker’s Idle Thoughts - Solaris, Linux, it is GNU folks…

Brian hits the nail on the head… The way you get a usable system is install all the GNU tools.

This is how I go from fresh Ubuntu install to building MySQL:

apt-get build-dep mysql-server

apt-get install bison

(now go and build).

(and i could do this graphically if I wasn’t so stuck in my ways)

For Solaris? umm… there was a point where I could get Solaris to apply security updates and Brian could get all the stuff needed to build a MySQL Server. Together we had the knowledge needed… but neither was as trivial as with Ubuntu and combining knowledge was too much - I just gave up and went on to more productive things.

Even on an existing Solaris

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Following my successful linux.conf.au talk “Eat My Data: How Everybody Gets POSIX File I/O Wrong“, I started to feel the need to easily be able to have my data eaten.

Okay, not quite. However, when you’ve written your software properly, so it uses fsync() correctly, opening files with O_SYNC or whatever - tests take longer as you’re having to wait for things to hit the rust.

So….. LD_PRELOAD=libeatmydata.so to the rescue! With a POSIX compliant fsync() (that does nothing) and filtering on open(2), it can take your test run times down dramatically.

The only time you shouldn’t use it for your tests is when you end up crashing the machine to test durability (i.e. when the OS doesn’t have the opportunity to cleanly write out the data to

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Jetlag (and recovering from it)
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I am very good at just staying up late to adjust to a timezone. I can do this fairly reliably. Going to the US and Europe can be done by this method (rather well). Coming back is another story though. Going to sleep at an earlier time (for me) doesn’t come easy. Grr…

Things that break while travelling?.
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This year, it seesm that whenever I go out for significant travel, the following things will break on my trip:

  • a laptop power supply
  • a disk

At least this time the disk is part of a RAID1 array.

Oh, and for some reason my mythbackend stopped doing anything a few days ago…. and I wasn’t checking it. grr… annoying. At least there’s not much on TV.

Refining MySQL Community Server(2)
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I noted earlier today in Refining MySQL Community Server
that it would be

just a matter of time and someone will start building RPM/Debian packages from the source repository.

I clearly didn't have my first cup of coffe yet when writing that as off course I forgot we already have DorsalSource

Refining MySQL Community Server
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Different things can be said about
Kaj Arno's , Refining MySQL Community Server but given the fact that the source will continue to be freely available from Bitkeeper I see no issues apart from a possible growth in real community MySQL with real contributions.

In Mike Kruckenberg's article on the topic someone comments and asks how this is different from the RedHat model, I only see one difference, today we don't have a CentOS yet for MySQL .. I`m sure it's just a matter of time and someone will start building RPM/Debian packages from the source repository. (If it's not already happening today)

As long as MySQL keeps all their source code free ..

Things that have recently stalled?.
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  • compressed backup patch
    • actually works rather well… and restoring from compressed backup too.
    • need to modify the rate-limiting code though… may as well rate limit the writing of the *compressed* data stream… otherwise the option isn’t nearly as useful
  • compressed LCP patch
    • well… the *restoring* of compressed LCPs…. can write them
  • working out exactly what more information I want out of the linux memory manager to find out what kswapd is really doing (and the patch that exports the right info)
  • re-jigging my procmail filters for commits@lists.mysql.com
  • fixing up my offlineimap patch and getting it in upstream
  • disk pre-allocation for MythTV recordings
  • buying workstation
  • unpacking the last few boxes around the house
  • finishing this list.
Backups don?t suck
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Today, immediately after lunch, I got IO errors from my laptop hard drive (ironically while attempting a file system dump). Words to the affect of “oh gosh and bother” exiting my mouth and the decision was made to go get a new drive.

Well… one “shortcut” to the computer store later, have new HD (will travel).

Backup from previous night, xfsrestore here I come. And a good number of hours later… about 1.5million files restored.

I do wish file systems had REPEATABLE_READ though… that would be nice.

Zeroconf, conferences and privacy
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So, probably like lots of people - i run a few web apps locally that I use for various purposes. In my case, this also includes some cool custom developed things.

I also use Zeroconf to easily discover all this foo around a network.

I run my critical mysql install by hand - it’s not constantly up. This is so, as somebody noticed (during Eben’s keynote at the MySQL Conference where he talked a lot about privacy) that one of the apps i run is entitled “tax”.

Since I’m somewhere other than at home, my mysql instance was stopped (much harder for people to grab the data out of it if the process isn’t running to begin with).

So yeah… good points - check what random people out on the network may have access to on your laptop - and know what you should not run as default (I’m careful there).

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Nine dollars (US) of Water (how many hours would somebody on minimum wage have to work to buy this 1.5L of water?):

Apart from that, jetlagged - managed to find food, TV, internet. All good.

I’ll be putting photos up on my gallery (which is running a MySQL Cluster 5.1 backend - with disk data) over at:


Nearly on way to the MySQL Conference
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Tomorrow morning (11.5hrs time actually) I’ll be on a plane to SFO (then down to Santa Clara) in preparation for the MySQL Conference.

So, if you’re in the area - give us a buzz. My aussie phone will work, as will traditional email.

Also on IRC… should be easy to find me (freenode).

Patching your mission-critical email syncing software on your life setup? my OfflineIMAP patch for today
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I’ve used OfflineIMAP for quite a while now. On the whole I’m fairly happy with it. Today I sent this to the list:

Forgive the potentially bad python, not my native tongue :)

This patch is motivated by three things:
- offlineimap is extremely slow at syncing lots of locally deleted
- offlineimap uses lots of memory
- LocalStatus files aren’t written safely (a hard crash can cause
        - I’ve been bitten by this in the past, causing a complete resync of
the folder… so I get duplicate messages.

I am currently using 4.0.14 (from Debian) with this patch. I used it to
convert the files and

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JBOD can bite you? (and Ubuntu 7.04)
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Okay, so one of the disks in a JBOD (well… single LVM) has been on the way out (hopefully can recover some stuff off it… there’s nothing completely important… but still).

I’ve now learnt and desktop has three new 320GB drives in a RAID5.

Currently installing Ubuntu 7.04 on it. I do have to say that the alternate install disk (which uses debian-installer) has a REALLY nice RAID and LVM setup now. If only it also let you pass parameters to mkfs it would be ideal.

Update: It got the bootloader horribly wrong though and I’ve gotten to piss-fart around trying to get LILO to install and boot. Current result? Blinking cursor in top left of screen. Fantastic… fucking fantastic.

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Currently in the MySQL Cluster team office in Stockholm - and have been since Wednesday. I’ll be here for the next 3 weeks working in the office. This will be the longest amount of time I’ve worked in an actual office (instead of working from home) in more than 2.25 years!

I found Veronica Mars on TV last night… which is great, because I’ve sort of become addicted. Unfortunately, Sweden is a few episodes ahead of Australia…. so I’ve skipped a few now (go MythTV, record them for me baby). One really good thing about Swedish TV is that things are subtitled instead of dubbed - excellent if your Swedish isn’t that great (mine isn’t). Whenever here, I also seem to find some TV shows that look really interesting, except for the fact that it’s all in a language I don’t understand… certainly an interesting dilemma.


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Nearly off to London and Stockholm
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In about 4.5hrs, I’ll be in a cab to the airport. At about lunchtime (1:30pm or so) London time, I’ll be in London. I’ll be there for a few days - until the 27th. If you’re around London or can make it, it’d be cool to hang. I plan to be a bit of a tourist here and there as I haven’t seen heaps of London and I do hear it’s nice :)

After that, I’ll be in Stockholm for about three weeks (I leave on the 19th… as it’s currently planned). So if you’re around, give me a yell!

My cell (mobile) number is pretty easy to find (hint: google my name along with my employer and look for a post on a mailing list… my work email sig has my phone number).

I’m in Stockholm for work, I’m going to be working in the office (which will be the longest amount of time I’ve gone to work in an office in over 2 years).

Slashdot | MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos Answers Your Questions
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Slashdot | MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos Answers Your Questions

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve been mentioned by name in the 1st commet to a /. article. Yay me!? :)

Saturn comes back around?
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For certain evil purposes last week, I assembled the old Saturn with a hard disk I found when cleaning a little while ago (I have that kind of tech stuff - you clean up and find 40GB disks - I’m pretty sure I have an 8.4 bumming around somewhere too).

I ended up being able to do the evil I needed to, but I could tell that the room was a bit warmer due to the extra box being alive. I was also lazy and couldn’t be bothered going downstairs for the D200, so this was shot with my old and trusty Coolpix 4500.

I used the box to be able to get remote access to a customers’ test setup to do some diagnosis on a bug (that’s notoriously hard to

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Flickr: macplusg3?s photos tagged with beijing
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Flickr: macplusg3’s photos tagged with beijing

There’s some photos I’ve taken around Beijing up there. Will be posting more over the next few days (and until I leave - on the 16th). Enjoy.

Welcome to Beijing (day 1)
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I’ve just come back from lunch. I’ve managed to eat Chinese food, in China, with chopsticks and not totally embarass myself. Ate some new food, new vegetables and a seemingly different type of seaweed than I have eaten before. It tasted good though. I even think Kit would have liked some of it (once she got over the fact that it looked different and some things were green things).
I arrived safely after a flight that was fine (except for getting up rather early to get to Sydney to then take a sane timed flight). Beijing seems to be a bit like the firefly world, except with less flying cars. You’ve got heaps of stuff in English and Chinese. It could be really interesting to live here and experience things.

There’s a national English language newspaper which is fairly up to date on world events - the fact that our dear Mr Howard is going to go

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Upgrade to OpenOffice.org 2.0.2 and stop murderous urges
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It’s no great secret that I think the stability of OpenOffice.org2 Impress in what’s shipped in Ubuntu Breezy leaves a lot to be desired. By ‘a lot’ I mean copy and pasting is unreliably and the Slide Sorter just stopped working for me without crashes (in at least one document).

However, I took the plunge and did something I usually don’t like doing - installing non-official debs.

deb http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/ubuntu/ breezy-updates/
deb-src http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/ubuntu/ breezy-updates/
I am now a much happy camper.

Saving is still amazingly slow, but the lack of crashes has made my week.

doko is my hero for the week. A Tip Of The Hat for him.

Kristian on ?How to blog for a planet?
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How to blog for a planet - MySQL-dump

I have to say I disagree with the whole teaser/article body thing. I really don’t like having RSS feeds that don’t contain the full article. It means I can’t read them offline. I often like to catch up on RSS while offline. I also don’t particularly feel the need to have to make yet another click to view the content of an article.

Yes, it’s a little more bandwidth. But really, it’s cheap. Especially with mod_gzip and whatever else optimised foo we can do.

Maybe planet aggregators could get more clever in summarising entries? Or not. How many people actually read a planet from the web site anyway?

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