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Google Analytics Concepts, The Movie

Just in case anyone is interested, the video of my Google Analytics Concepts talk has been uploaded to the ASPgems vimeo channel.

Google Analytics Concepts

I have just given a talk about Google Analytics Concepts. I have explained basic concepts that anyone interested in maximizing Google Analytics usage must know. I have talked about generic web analytics concepts like metrics, keywords, marketing campaings, segmentation, etc. I have also reviewed specific Google Analytics concepts, such as which cookies are used, how to install the tracking code, how to integrate Google Analytics with AdWords, etc.

Just passed Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification

I recently passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test.

If you are interested in become a more knowledgeable Google Analytics user you should have a look at Conversion University, a set of online presentations that you can watch free of charge, or come to the talk I will be giving next week about Google Analytics concepts (in Spanish).

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