Mountain Lion Pre-MySQL

While I try to contain everything about installing MySQL in a single post that I update from time-to-time, Mac OS X, Mountain Lion (10.8.x), requires some pre-steps. You must install XCode, and the Command Line Tools. This post provides the screen shots and step-by-step instructions.

Before you can do any of these steps, you must connect to the Apple Store and download XCode. Dependent on your internet speed this may take some time. Generally, it’s an hour or less.

  1. After installing XCode, click the Rocket Spaceship in the Mac Dock to launch a view of your Applications. Launch XCode by clicking on the hammer overlaying the blue background XCode icon shown below.

  1. After launching XCode, click the Install button on the lower right of the System Component Installation screen shown below.

  1. You’re prompted for your default user (actually a sudoer authorized user) password. Enter it in the dialog and click the OK button to continue.

  1. After entering the valid credentials and a couple minutes, you should see the System Component Installation screen shown below. Click the Start Using XCode button to continue.

  1. Inside XCode, click on the XCode menu option and select the Preferences menu option, as shown below.

  1. You should be on the General tab of XCode’s Preferences dialog. Click on the Downloads tab.

  1. You should see three choices (at the time of writing) in the Downloads tab. As shown, select the Command Line Tools item. It should take only a couple minutes to download. Click the Install button to continue.

  1. The Install button disappears and is replaced by an Installed label when the Command Line Tools are installed. You should see the following screen shot.

After completing these steps, return to the other post to install and configure MySQL. While it seems this exists already as content on Apple’s site, it seems some folks wanted me to add it with the step-by-step screen shots.