HTTP, JSON, JavaScript, Map and Reduce built-in to MySQL

Oracle MySQL Engineer Ulf Wendel delivered yesterday a talk about his Proof of Concept at the International PHP Conference in Berlin entitled: “HTTP, JSON, JavaScript, Map and Reduce built-in to MySQL - make it happen, today.”

The presentation has been featured today on the home page of SlideShare, both into the “Hot on Facebook” and “Hot on Twitter” sections. Well done, Ulf! Especially just before the wedding…:)

Presentation abstract: See how a MySQL Server plugin can be developed to build all this into MySQL. A new direct wire between MySQL and client-side JavaScript is created. MySQL speaks HTTP, replies JSON and offers server-side JavaScript. Server-side JavaScript gets access to MySQL data and does Map&Reduce of JSON documents stored in MySQL. Fast? 2-4x faster than proxing client-side JavaScript request through PHP/Apache. Reasonable results...

Slides available here.

And, talking about innovation… today is Oracle’s MySQL Innovation Day, you can still attend the event online. Register Now, it starts at 9.00 am PT.