MySQL Connect in 23 Days: Real-World Experiences Sessions

Following my blog on InnoDB sessions, let's focus today on what you will have the opportunity to learn from MySQL users sharing their real-world experiences along with best practices they've developed.

You should obviously not miss our exciting panel on "Current MySQL Usage Models and Future Developments" featuring Davi Arnaut from LinkedIn, Daniel Austin from PayPal, Mark Callaghan from Facebook and Calvin Sun from Twitter.

The conference sessions will include:

MySQL at Twitter - Calvin Sun and Liang Guo, Twitter
Saturday, 11.30 am, Imperial Ballroom A

MySQL@Facebook: Lots and Lots of Small Data - Harrison Fisk, Facebook
Saturday, 1.00 pm, Imperial Ballroom A

Scaling Data Access for Web Front Ends - Nicolai Plum,
Saturday, 2.30 pm,  Imperial Ballroom A

Upgrading to MySQL 5.6 - Sheeri Cabral, Mozilla
Saturday, 2.30 pm,  Imperial Ballroom B

Big Fish: Building a Web Recommendation Platform for Casual Gaming - Sean Chighizola and Brian Guthrie, Big Fish Games
Sunday, 8.30 am, Imperial Ballroom A

MySQL 5.6 at Facebook - Yoshinori Matsunobu
Sunday, 10.00 am, Imperial Ballroom A

To Scale Horizontally or Scale Vertically? - Andrew Yee and Hari Tatrakal, Ticketmaster
Sunday, 11.30 am, Imperial Ballroom A

How to Get a Fivefold Performance Increase from MySQL - David Link, Sciencelogic
Sunday, 11.30 am, Union Square 3/4

Managing Your Databases and Sharding Through jetpants - Bob Patterson Jr, Tumblr
Sunday, 1.00 pm, Imperial Ballroom A

Performance-Enhanced MySQL for Data Leverage - Shivinder Singh and Erick Franco, Verizon Wireless
Sunday, 1.00 pm, Imperial Ballroom B

Testing Global Performance with MySQL - Daniel Austin, PayPal
Sunday, 2.30 pm, Imperial Ballroom A

Managing Hundreds of MySQL Servers Efficiently - Sheeri Cabral and Brandon Johnson, Mozilla
Sunday, 4.00 pm, Imperial Ballroom A

Building DBaaS APIs with Python and Delivering High Availability - Diego Narducci and Gabriel Ciciliani, Mercadolibre
Sunday, 4.00 pm, Union Square 3/4

Migrating High-Demand Enterprise Systems to MySQL - Jon Wiggs, Netmotion Wireless
Sunday, 5.30 pm, Imperial Ballroom A

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