MySQL Notifier 1.1.4 has been released

The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL Notifier version 1.1.4, the  latest addition to the MySQL Installer for Windows.

MySQL Notifier 1.1.4 introduces the following features:

  • Monitoring of services in remote Windows computers (any service, not only MySQL Server services, similar to the local services monitoring offered in MySQL Notifier 1.0.3) via asynchronous Windows Management Instrumentation. Monitored services are grouped by computer name where the topmost is the Localhost. After a service in the Localhost or a remote computer is added to the monitored list, the MySQL Notifier automatically monitors for MySQL Server services addition (this option can be turned-off by users).
  • Monitoring of MySQL Server instances on any platform via a timer configurable by users.  These instances are monitored via MySQL Workbench connections which are automatically shared with the MySQL Notifier. If MySQL Workbench is not installed, the connections are saved and used by the MySQL Notifier and migrated to MySQL Workbench if the latter is installed.

MySQL Notifier is installed using the MySQL Installer for Windows. You can download MySQL Installer from our official Downloads page at