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Motorola is Hiring!



“We are at the intersection of all things cool in the valley”

We are a Sunnyvale, CA based software applications and services development
team in the heart of Silicon Valley that is combining the best of the internet,
messaging, and social networking into intuitive software, called MOTOBLUR.
MOTOBLUR is an innovative cloud-assisted solution to manage and integrate
messaging, social networking, and other web services and will debut on the
T-Mobile/Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR Android smartphone. This product
aggregates contacts, posts, messages, photos and more from sources including
Facebook®, Twitter™, MySpace®, Gmail™, and Microsoft Exchange and many more to

In collaboration with Google’s Android team, we …

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Sr. MySQL DBA position available in San Jose, CA. - Great opportunity with generous compensation!!

Senior Database Administrator Position: Senior Database Administrator
Job Type: Full-Time
Department: Engineering
Location: San Jose, CA

• Manage MySQL in production/QA/development environments including installation, configuration, backup, recovery, upgrades, schema changes, etc.

• Perform database health monitoring and diagnostics

• Implement monitoring, auditing and alert systems for MySQL databases

• Troubleshoot and resolve problems with MySQL

• Design, implement, maintain and automate the appropriate backup and recovery architecture required

• Work with various teams for performance tuning and optimization, query optimization, index tuning, caching, buffer tuning, etc.

• Perform capacity planning exercises to properly identify required hardware, software, database configuration/architecture necessary to support …

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MySQL UC 2010?

Soooooooo, is the MySQL conference going to fizzle out in 2010? If you have been busy waiting to see what will happen with Oracle/Sun/MySQL then you probably didn’t notice that the call for papers did not go out to the community for 2010 UC. I don’t know about you but the MySQL Conference is something I look forward to every year and enjoy attending. Just being there is great for networking and keeping up on innovation not to mention getting out of the office for the better part of a week!

I was planning on submitting a few talks of my own this year but am wondering if the UC in 2010 will even happen. Sure there are some dates around it, April 12-15, found on but no other information.

I know that the Percona conference is …

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Broken Index from InnoDB Hot Backup

A very interesting problem came up a while back when testing a rebuild and failover procedure. I had just run a rebuild of a slave server with InnoDB Hot Backup from the master. After the failover, one query on three tables in three different databases was not performing as it should. This was very odd to me given that the same table in all three databases was acting up. Below is the table structure and example query:

mysql> show create table plx_async_job\\\\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
Table: plx_async_job
Create Table: CREATE TABLE `plx_async_job` (
`async_job_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`db_id` tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
`user_id` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
`created` datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
`modified` datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
`job_status` tinyint(4) NOT …

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Secure Your Server – Tips for DBAs

I have complied a list of a good tips for DBAs to consider when implementing security policies in MySQL.

-- The List
1. Make sure that ALL root accounts (ALL PRIVILEGED accounts) have strong passwords and apply them using hashes not plain text. If you leave the password blank anyone can connect as root without a password and be granted all privileges.

2. For ALL other accounts use passwords and apply them using hashes not plain text.
A good practice is to use the following:

mysql> grant SELECT, INSERT……. ON `database`.* to ‘user’@’10.%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘*9B9C8E678DB2D62877E829D633535CBEB2B7E6E0’;

NOTE: make sure you are using HASHS and not plain text!
If you run something like below…

mysql> update user set password = password(‘somepassword’) where user = ‘someuser’;
Make sure …

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Security Sensitive Grants

Consider excluding the following grants from users on any production MySQL server.

"The GRANT OPTION privilege enables you to give to other users or remove from other users those privileges that you yourself possess." (

"The RELOAD privilege enables use of the FLUSH statement. It also enables mysqladmin commands that are equivalent to FLUSH operations: flush-hosts, flush-logs, flush-privileges, flush-status, flush-tables, flush-threads, refresh, and reload." (

"The SUPER …

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No Password – No Problem

In the past I have needed to gain access to MySQL servers when the password had been strangely forgotten. Below there are thee different processes to gain access to MySQL if you just don’t have the right kind of access you need or want.

Option 1: --skip-grant-tables

This will allow you to login to the server and change what you need to in the mysql.user table. Of course you will need to restart the server again without --skip-grant-tables if you want the current and newly added or modified user account to work.

This option is a good way to gain access to the server in the event that you have no elevated (root) privileges on the MySQL server. You do need root on the server you are on so you can kill the pid and restart with --skip-grant-tables.

Option 2: elevating your privileges

You will need to have an account on the server with WRITE access to the …

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A MySQL problem or something else?

Sometimes problems manifest inside of MySQL but the MySQL server is really not the problem. A good example is how MySQL uses reverse DNS lookups for authentication.

The Problem

You are alerted to a problem with a MySQL server either by Nagios or whatever… You log into the server and everything seems to be working correctly until you run “show full processlist”. The majority of your connections are in an “Unauthenticated” state and the rest are in some other state, probably “Sleeping”. You speak with the lead developer and they state that there have not been any code changes for 1 month. It’s an odd problem, when you see it; however, the solution is not that obscure when you think about how MySQL uses DNS.

The Solution

When you restart MySQL with “skip-name-resolve” enabled you …

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Pager - but not on call!

Over the past few years I have found that "pager" inside of MySQL is a really useful tool. I have come up with a few simple, but extremely effective, ways to use it.

-- Example 1

Lets say you have a MySQL server that is really busy with extremely long queries. You run a “show full processlist” and everything going on streams before your eyes, new lines and all. A more readable way to see what is going on is…

Mysql> pager less –S

By running the above statement the full processlist will NOT appear in the traditional, word wrapped format. The output will show in a very readable, right extended, format. All you need to do now figure out what is going on.

Here is a helpful hint. Set a tee file for MySQL client output.

Mysql> \\\\T /location/to/file.txt

Then, make sure pager is set to “less –S”. From there you can get out of the …

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Fun with mysqlslap benchmarking

Mysqlslap is a good benchmarking tool but can be much more versatile in my opinion. So, recently, I was benchmarking a problem that was, not hard to solve, but somewhat tricky to benchmark. Using mysqlslap was the fastest way to get the answers I wanted with the least amount of BS, or so I thought!

Lets take a look:

-- The problem
1. A MySQL instance with 5 databases
2. Only one of the databases looked to be the problem from system analysis
3. Light concurrency issues suspected, given that the tables were MyISAM and the information gathered from the customer

-- How to run a close to real world benchmark
Turning on the general query log is a must in this situation so I gathered 1 hour worth of transactions. Please keep in mind that you have to take a snapshot of the data before you …

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