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Sure-fire MySQL Install on Windows

Due to firewalls, virus scans, corporate security restrictions, or just plain bad luck; there are times when MySQL just won’t install on a specific Windows server.  Here’s a sure-fire install method.   Relax, I won’t have you run the msi installer again.

The first step is to remove directories from your previous install attempts.  Uninstall from the control panel.  Manually, rename or delete “C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1″.  Next, delete (or rename) the data directory.  Warning! If you have previously entered data into MySQL, deleting the data directory will delete data.  The directory is located at “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\data”.   You may need to unhide the data directory.

Let’s get started.

#1.   …

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