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putting it all together

Last post was about Rainbow testing. So that's old news, and I lost count of the number of bugs it found, and have been fixed. Probably 30+ crashes.

Now, I have to put together all these odds & ends of code I wrote disparately over the last 18 months into a single collection to enable complete end-to-end testing.

I have now got roughly the following:

o) random table maker
o) query maker based on any tables, (using predefined rules)
o) data generator for any tables
o) complete charset collection for each valid character
o) database of mysql functions, data types
o) multi-threaded testing environment for any queries
o) query results comparer for any queries
o) rainbow, which will provide help in making good coverage of functions, etc.

What's needed still? Well, I would like 56 hours in a day ... More posts later when v0.001 of the integrated …

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sql rainbow tables

I thought of a brilliant QA plan. Create sql rainbow tables! Just trust me, this system of QA will be very powerful in bug finding. Especially important will be the comparison of old/new versions of mysql. Writing a prototype now, on my day off.

Just during prototype development, I've discovered a handful of bugs. I'm testing all functions that are documented in the manual. This is alot that I've written up:

mysql> select count(*),category from func group by category;
| count(*) | category |
| 6 | arithmetic |
| 7 | bit |
| 60 | casting |
| 47 | comparison |
| 52 | datetime |
| 18 | encryption |
| 127 | geometry |
| 17 | information |
| 7 | logical |
| 32 | mathematical |
| 9 | misc |
| …
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new direction for test development

I've been thinking about this today. My attempts thus far to write random queries which stress various parts of the server have worked, and served a purpose - but have been rather huge and clumsy.

For example a 5 union select, each comprising of 7 joins did have it's value.. The problem with huge random queries is simply that the results cannot be verified as easily as they were constructed (unless you run the same on various DBMS). These huge tests are mostly only good for checking if the server crashes.

Now, I wish to try write testcases that have these properties:

  • small
  • results are self-verified
  • each test is random, but reproducible given a seed value

Tonight I'll throw together a code-generator to do simple insert/select and post any interesting results here later.

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