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Converting a Simple Form


When modifying VFP Forms to run the MYSQL Backend the first question most likely will be: How do I get the data from MYSQL efficiently to my VFP Form without rewriting the whole thing from scratch. The form previously accessing VFP tables most likely opened them in the Data Environment so it might be tempting to just replace them with remote cursors or with cursor adapters mimicking the VFP tables and views previously used. Granted the Form might just work with minimal effort but in most cases this approach would be very inefficient. At the same token the VFP controls on the form most likely are bound to some cursor/alias by use of the recordsource or controlsource properties. So unless one wants to do a lot of coding establishing those links later, some fitting cursor needs to exist before the controls are initialized.

Lets assume a simple scenario where we have a customer screen, with a field where you enter the customer …

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