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First Contact – VFP/MYSQL interaction


So now that the decision was made we had to start to get to work. To show the customer progress and to see what I was up against I downloaded MYSQL Community and set up 3 Servers.

  • One on my Vista Machine, to be accessed by the customer to see the progress. So any part finished and tested will be pushed to that server.
  • A 2nd one on a WinXP machine in anothter location just to see on how the performance is over the net. After all we don’t want to find out it takes enough time to have a cup of coffe while waiting for the computer to perform a task
  • And A 3rd on my Windows 7 laptop.
  • And another one is planned on a Linux box at a later point.

So some of you might ask why 3 different Windows platforms? The simple answere is – That is what is mostly out there. This is to replace VFP systems run by small to medium sized companies. They have a budget. Mostly if …

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