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2007 MySQL Conference Slides, Video and Audio Now Available

Need I say more? Go download the slides, video and audio from the 2007 MySQL Users Conference & Expo. I have no plans to take anything down, so please download wisely, and take only what you need. If there’s demand, I can make higher-quality versions available. I can also burn DVD’s of the content if that’s desired.


Eben Moglen: Fredom Businesses Protect Privacy

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“What societies value is what they memorize. And how they memorize it and who has access to its memorized form determines who has power.”

We’re starting to become a society that “memorizes” private facts — not just public records being written down, but private thoughts, dreams and wishes.

“Living largely in a world of expensive written material and seeking to build a private database of things experienced and learned, early modern Europeans built in their minds memory palaces — imaginary rooms furnished with complex bric-a-brac and decorations. . . By walking through the rooms of the memory palace in their minds, [they] remembered things they needed to know.”

Photographs took a factual and emotional snapshot of experience …

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