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Finding the Job you've always dreamed of.

OK, I know that this is not really Web2.0, Business, Marketing or MySQL related, but I found a very inspiring story about an executive finding a job of his own dreaming.
I'm a lucky guy who has an interesting and fulfilling job, but paving the road for the career of your dreams is something that everyone should get used to, especially in this turbulent times.
His approach was a good one for tough times, so I wanted to pass it along to you. The part of the story that I like is the attitude of the hunter while trying to find a job:
"I visualized what I wanted this position to be like and wrote a list of bullet items about the job and my ideal company."I completely agree. Each of us, especially in this flat and continuously evolving world, can work to shape a position where he fits perfectly. If you mix your technical skills, leadership …

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