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Videos and slides for MySQL Conference 2010

Sheeri has posted an awesome list of talks with links to videos and slides from the MySQL conference. She did a lot of the video recording herself. I don’t know how she could have posted them so fast — it’s a lot of work.

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A review of MySQL Administrator’s Bible

MySQL Administrator's Bible

MySQL Administrator’s Bible by Sheeri K. Cabral and Keith Murphy, 2009. Page count: 800+ pages. (Here’s a link to the publisher’s site.)

This book is a comprehensive reference guide to MySQL that’s accessible to beginning DBAs or DBAs familiar with another database. It has enough detail to be a useful companion throughout a DBA’s career. It also covers many related technologies, such as memcached, at a moderate-but-useful level of detail. This isn’t exactly a how-to book, and it isn’t exactly a reference manual; it’s more of a blend of the two.

The …

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