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Using SSH tunnel connection as a SOCKS5 proxy

Month ago I was on a vacation and as usual even though our hotel provided us with an internet connection on a pretty decent speeds, I wasn’t able to work there because they’ve banned all tcp ports but some major ones (like 80, 21, etc) and I needed to be able to use ssh, mysql, IMs and other non-web software.

After a short research I’ve found a pretty simple to set up and easy to use approach to such a connection problems I’d like to describe here.

First, you’ll need someone (or you can do it before leaving home) to start an ssh daemon on port 80 on one of your servers. I use one of my Slicehub slices for this to permanently have an ability to use it. You can do it like this (if it is a temporary solution):

# `which sshd` -p 80

Notice: this `which sshd` was used because on some OSes sshd does not want to start w/o an …

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