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On the need for an agile approach to data warehousing

I’d like to take a step back from technical issues to distill some of my thoughts on the challenges of data warehousing in the 21st century.

Having worked on a number of warehouse projects in different industries over the years, I’ve encountered many challenges, some failures, some successes. One thing is certain: all organizations that have a reasonable amount of data should be building a data warehouse if they don’t already have one. In 2009, given the economic atmosphere, no one wants to wait as long, or pay as much, as they did in 1999 to get one.

While this is a huge opportunity for open-source competitors like MySQL, it comes with big challenges for an organization that thinks it will get a $10MM warehouse (in 1999 dollars) for $300,000 (2009 dollars).

My contention is that in a web-connected, high-traffic and high-speed world, a monolithic approach with a rigid set of requirements, and a project team isolated …

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