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Why DUN rocks, Cingular sucks, and the PSTN is about to see some evolution

The flight I am on is delayed and they have us sitting in the plane while they fix something on the plane.

So what do I do? Pop open the laptop, fire up DUN and start pulling down email. My phone just became my connection to the world.

Why does Cingular suck? Because they disable DUN on the Treo's they ship. My current email reading, web surfing lifestyle is all made possible by a warranty voiding approach that I found that allowed me to enable a feature they decided they didn't want their customers to have. If you buy a phone from Cingular you get a phone that they have hacked up to remove features that they don't want you to have.

And what would be the story if you bought your phone on your own and skipped buying it from Cingular?

You would get this feature built it.

Cingular sucks. I live for the day of the Wi-MAX revolution where we can see the death of the closed phone …

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