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Using Partitioning in MySQL™ 5.1

This is a short tutorial on the features implemented in HoneyMonitor for the use and administration of Partitioning in MySQL™ 5.1. It could be useful for Users who are new to the product and want to get start with it or to whom want to learn the basis of Table Partitioning in MySQL™ 5.1.


1. Introduction
2. Partitioning a Table
2.1 Creating a Partitioned Table using the Create Table Wizard and the Partition Editor - A Range Partitioning Example
2.2 Partitioning a Table that already exits - An Hash Partitioning Example
3. Creating and Dropping Partitions
3.1 Adding Partitions
3.2 Dropping Range (or List) Partitions
3.2.1 Multi-Dropping of Partitions
3.3 Aggregating Hash (or Key) Partitions
4. Reorganizing Partitions
5. Repartitioning a Table
6. Removing Partitioning
7. Retrieving Information about Partitions
7.1 Partitions’ …

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